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IK03: Affordable Phased-Arrays for 5G and SATCOM: Ending the Marconi Era

Monday - 11:50-12:30am - Room Bordeaux

Gabriel M. Rebeiz

University of California, San Diego, USA

Gabriel Rebeiz is Distinguished Professor and the Wireless Communications Industry Endowed Chair at UCSD. He is a Member of the National Academy, IEEE Fellow, IEEE Daniel Nobel Award, URSI Koga Gold Medal, MTT Microwave Prize (twice), MTT Distinguished Educator, IEEE Antennas and Propagation John D. Kraus Award and the Harold Wheeler Award. For his teaching, he received the Amoco Teaching Award given to the best undergraduate teacher - University of Michigan, and the Jacobs ECE Teacher of the Year at UCSD. He is considered as one of the fathers of RF MEMS and tunable networks, silicon RFIC phased arrays, and mm-wave and THz antennas. Prof. Rebeiz has graduated 92 PhD students and post-docs, has written 680 IEEE publications, and has been referenced over 23,000 times. He is an advisor to several of the large commercial and defense electronics and communication system companies in the US.


This talk will present the latest work on microwave and mm-wave phased arrays at UCSD and in the world. The talk shows that one can build affordable phased arrays using low-cost silicon-RFICs (RF integrated circuits), and these phased-arrays are now being considered to replace the movable reflector for satellite communications on airplanes, ships and moving platforms. The silicon-based phased-arrays are also being considered for terrestrial 5G communication systems, to be employed first to replace the “last mile” for internet and video delivery to homes, and then for high-speed links between base-stations and a mobile user.  In this context, phased-array systems achieving Gbps at 300 meters and 1000 meters will be presented. It will be shown that low-cost phased-arrays have changed the way we think about our future communication systems from SATCOM to 5G.

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