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Convened Sessions

CS01 A Century After Tesla: How Far Have We Come With Wireless Power Transfer ?
CS02 Additive Manufacturing for Antenna and RF Components
CS03 Addressing Radio Frequency Test Challenges in Diverse Environments (AMTA)
CS04 Advanced Statistical Methods and Tools in Applied Electromagnetism
CS05 Advances in Electromagnetic Diagnostics and Biomedical Sensors
CS06 Advances in Microwave Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (COST TD1301 MiMed)
CS07 Advances in Plasma based Antennas and Devices
CS08 Advances on Transformation Electromagnetics Based Antennas
CS09 Antenna for IoT Applications
CS10 Characteristic Mode Analysis for Platform-Mounted Antenna Design
CS11 Current Challenges in Low Frequency Antenna System Verification
CS12 Developments in Electromagnetic Medical Interventions (COST TD1301 MiMed and COST BM1309 EMF-MED)
CS13 Electromagnetic Methods for Direct and Inverse Scattering Involving Stratified Media
CS14 Electronically Scanned SatCom Terminal Antennas: State-of-the-Art and New Developments
CS15 Emerging Strategies for the Synthesis of Innovative Array-Antenna Architectures
CS16 European Academic and Industrial Advances in Microwave Medical Technologies (COST TD1301 MiMed)
CS17 From Pioneering Antenna Contributions to Industrial Applications
CS18 Glide Symmetry Surfaces for mm and Sub-mm Lens Antennas
CS19 High-Data Rate Wireless Connectivity for Smart Rail Mobility
CS20 In Memory of Prof. Per Simon Kildal (Dedicated session)
CS21 Innovative Antenna Architectures for Very High Throughput Satellite (VHTS) Systems
CS22 Innovative Antennas for TT&C and PDTM Satellite Links
CS23 Massive MIMO Antenna Technologies and Interference Mitigation Techniques for 5G Networks in the Frequency Bands above 6 GHz
CS24 Measurements and Simulations in Channel Modelling in Wireless Body Area Networks (COST CA15104 IRACON)
CS25 Mm- and THz- wave Propagation Measurements and Modelling for Ultra-high Data Rate Communications (COST CA15104 IRACON)
CS26 Mm-wave Antenna Systems for Future Broadband Communication Networks
CS27 Mm-wave GAP Waveguide Technology
CS28 Near Field Antenna Measurement Techniques (AMTA)
CS29 New Antenna Systems Involving Application of Metamaterials and Metasurfaces (IET)
CS30 New Trends in Characteristic Modes Research
CS31 New Trends in Reflectarrays and Transmitarrays
CS32 OPTIC BIOEM and other approaches for electropulsation in medicine and biology
CS33 OTA Characterization of Antennas and Devices from RIMP to Random-LOS and all in Between
CS34 Phased Arrays for Radio Astronomy
CS35 Polarimetric Radar Signal Processing and RCS Analysis
CS36 Practical Applications of Characteristic Mode Theory to Antenna Design
CS37 Propagation in Aeronautics
CS38 Propagation Aspects in Remote Sensing
CS39 Propagation Channels for Wide Sense Vehicle to X Communications
CS40 Radiation Control Techniques for Small Antennas
CS41 Recent Developments in Antenna Technologies for Emerging Satellite Systems
CS42 Satellite and Aerospace Antenna Measurements (AMTA)
CS43 Signal Processing Techniques to Improve Antenna Characterization Procedures (AMTA
CS44 Small Antennas: From Theory to Practice
CS45 Smart Beamforming in Far-Field Wireless Power Transmission
CS46 The Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Scientific Experiment: Results and Developments after 3 Years of Operations
CS47 THz Antennas and Subsystems for High Data Rate Communication Links
CS48 THz Wireless Communications: from Components to Systems
CS49 Wireless Chipless Sensors
CS50 Wireless Sensors for Medical Applications: from Wearables to Implants
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